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Flood Risks

YAACAN’s management team will be helping communities meet their pressing infrastructure needs, protecting families and communities’ critical infrastructure, and supporting continued economic growth by educating the Canadian public on the effects of floods and how to better prepare for them. We believe tackling deforestation, is one of the best proactive measures we can take to combat the increase in severe flooding across Canada. Very simply put, the more trees we have on our planet, the more stable our hydrological cycle will be. In an effort to address the growing flooding problem, YAACAN wants to plant more trees and replace impermeable surfaces such as paved areas and roofs with native green flora in order to impact the problem from the source.

Source: After, M. L. Davis, and Cornwell, D.A. Introduction to Environmental Engineering, 1991

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YAACAN is always working on new projects and building stronger partnerships. We do not share our projects publicly until we have achieved certain milestones, if you are interested working with us please feel free to reach out to us.