Meet The Team

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Mirandas Tshilombo

Chair & Founder

Mira Tshilombo is a Social Entrepreneur & Philanthropist with a background in aviation, business development, sales & communications. She has dedicated most of her young life to helping others and taken trips to Haiti, where she volunteered for St.Boniface Hospital. She believes in youth empowerment, leadership by example, education and unity of the human race and aims to educate others on these beliefs. Through her professional  and volunteer work she has learned that she has the ability influence others into working together in order to achieve what is necessary for the greater good. She hopes that with this influence, YAACAN will bring a fresh perspective to the world of Non-Profit Organizations.

Zachary Joel Kary


Growing up in the Canadian Rockies, Zach has always had a deep appreciation and respect of our planet’s natural systems, and this fascination was the catalyst to most of the motivations and actions in his career and personal life. As a youth, Zach spent most of his time outdoors as a high-level athlete, competing in the international freestyle ski circuit. Through travelling for ski trips and influence by many like-minded individuals in the community, Zach gained an unparalleled environmental education on top of his regular schooling. Zach’s academic career continued to focus on environmental studies through his post-secondary education earning him both a Bachelors degree and Post-Graduate certificate. Zach has gained a complex understanding of ecology, natural systems and environmental sciences that he hopes to bring on positive world progression through YAACAN’s platform.

Rachael Otukol


Rachael Otukol was born in Toronto to Ugandan and Jamaican parents. Her family relocated to Victoria in 1996. Rachael has previously assisted in writing proposals and grant applications to develop cutting edge desalination technology for Greater Nile Water. She is currently a member of the BC Black History Awareness Society and Kulea Culture Society, an organization that strives to support educational initiatives among black youth in Victoria. Rachael’s experience and passion for sustainable development and social responsibility make her an excellent fit for the YAACAN team.

Phil Landry


Phil is an outdoor enthusiast and small business owner. He’s gained wealth of knowledge through his travels where he hikes and climbs. He hopes to never stop learning about our global cultures and environments through creatively using hiking and climbing as a means to achieve his ambitions.

Phil was raised in the small town of Cornwall, Ontario between Montreal and Ottawa. He spent a large majority of his youth working alongside his parents, where he was able to learn necessary skills that are needed in order to run a successful business. He has now taken over the family business and intends to use the business to create more meaningful relationships with other business, community leaders and organizations, thus allowing the business to have a greater impact both on a personal and community economic level.

Phil’s passion for the outdoors, the environment and need to make a positive impact in our global communities make him an excellent addition to the YAACAN team.


Matt Kyazze

Creative Director

Matt has a dynamic mind with endless creativity. Matt Kyazze is the founder of Far From Average Inc. A digital creative agency in Ottawa that works with entertainers and small businesses to provide marketing and media solutions.

Matt was raised in Ottawa, Canada. He was inspired by the world of digital media in his early years.As soon as he attended St. Francis Xavier Highschool, he first discovered his passion for digital media and marketing.

While Matt was first introduced to the industry in high school, his affinity for changing the game is hereditary. His late grandfather, a minister in Uganda, was a social activist who fought for justice in the 60s as a member of the New Ugandan Cabinet.