Healthcare - DRC

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the 11th largest country in the world with over 401 hospitals and clinics. Despite this, it also has one of the weakest and most overburden public healthcare systems in the world. Healthcare institutions often lack proper equipment and staff to meet staff and patient needs. In rural areas, extreme poverty and lack of infrastructure has made access to healthcare nearly impossible. With a population of over 80 million habitants, made up of more then 51% youth, a majority of the population cannot access healthcare due to poverty and systematic corruption.

February 2020, YAACAN board members travelled to the DRC to deliver medical supplies at Kalembelembe Pediatric Hospital in Kinshasa, Congo (DRC). This trip was a success; not only were our supplies well received, but we were also able to meet the directors of various hospitals in the capital city such Desmet Hospital in Kinsuka and University Clinics of the University of Kinshasa. We were extremely moved to see first hand the impossible work the staff perform at theses hospitals, and better understand their needs and that of their patients.

Additionally, YAACAN has now teamed up with the medical team from La Maision Civile du Chef de L’Etat de la Republic Democratic du Congo (The Civil House of the Head of State). This partnership will allow for YAACAN to collect medical supplies as well as raise funds to support YAACAN’s mission of improving the public healthcare system in the DRC.

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